Secure Veterans' Benefits

Secure Veterans' Benefits

In 2005, my concerned colleagues and I co-founded the Wounded Heroes Foundation, which is an all-volunteer service organization to assist military members wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have witnessed firsthand the shortcomings of care and services provided by the military and the Veterans Administration to our returning service members. 

By interacting with our disabled Veteran community, I have seen the lack of focus and supportive capability that confronts not only recently wounded veterans of the War on Terror, but also those of the Vietnam War. While the VA has many dedicated personnel and facilities that are capable of providing extraordinary care, the administration of that care to our Veteran population has often been misguided by political expediency and lip-service to those who deserve the best care our country can provide.  We can, and must, do better for our Veterans.  It is imperative that the VA be reformed from top to bottom to best reflect our gratitude to our wounded veterans for their selfless service. Their dedication and sacrifices are not to be discounted nor dismissed.

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