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July 10, 2018

Florida District 1 Republican House candidate Cris Dosev said President Trump's selection of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court a win for Constitutional liberty

Cris Dosev released the following statement:

Judge Kavanaugh has a solid history of rulings that affirm the authority of duly elected officials over that of bureaucrats. 

Our Constitution was carefully crafted to enable citizens to exercise power through laws passed by elected representatives.

The Constitution clearly specifies that those laws be carried out by elected executive leaders.

The judicial branch was designed to interpret that process without interfering with it.

Judge Kavanaugh's career demonstrates a reliably originalist legal interpretation that bodes well for the individual liberties on which our country is based.

America's freedoms flow from our Constitutional structure, whose separation of power prevents any one group from becoming too tyrannical.

We are unique among nations in that regard.

The state of individual freedoms in the rest of the world attests to the wisdom of our founders' Constitutional separation of powers. 

We must ensure our Judiciary upholds them, or we risk losing our democracy to corruption and abuse of power.

The unfortunate decision by United Kingdom leadership to defy the will of the people and sabotage the Brexit process is just the most recent example of what happens when government forgets who they work for.  

Thank you President Trump for helping uphold American values by nominating a true constitutional constructionist to the bench.  This is a BIG WIN for conservatives and America as a whole!


June 28, 2018

Matt Gaetz backs Creeping Gun Control infringements. What else will he sell Northwest Florida out on?

Matt Gaetz says he supports Second Amendment rights. But he was quick to betray them for establishment political points when the cameras weren’t looking.

Mr. Gaetz told Andrew McKay, in a February 26 NewsRadio 1620 interview, he doesn’t see any Constitutional problem with Governor Rick Scott’s measure to raise Florida long gun purchase age limits.

Worse yet, Gaetz said he thinks it should be up to each state to “craft” Second Amendment policy interpretation as they see fit.

Has Mr. Gaetz heard of the Bill of Rights? As a licensed attorney, does he really think Constitutional protections are open to political negotiation?

Americans face an ongoing battle to defend Second Amendment rights from special interests seeking to gradually erode them until there’s nothing left. Then we’ll be in the same boat as Europe and other places with little public power and lots of government oversight.

Creeping gun control threatens We the People’s basic right to defend ourselves, our families, our communities and our nation. And Matt Gaetz is right there pushing it with his establishment donor friends.

Sadly, it appears our Constitutional liberties take second place to Mr. Gaetz’s political ambitions.

What else can’t we trust him on?

He says he’s a big influence on Washington leadership. To every camera in sight.

But what about after the cameras are turned off? Who does Mr. Gaetz work for, and what do his big donors want from him?

President Trump has enough obstacles trying to stop him from implementing the agenda we elected him to carry out.

The last thing we need are self-serving career politicians whispering in our President's ear for special interest motives.

Having defended the Constitution as a Marine Officer, my position is clear: the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Period.

Please say no to Matt Gaetz's creeping gun control and trust me with your vote in August.  Let’s protect Second Amendment rights as our founders intended, without special interest interpretation.


June 25, 2018

Florida District 1 Congressional candidate Cris Dosev says ‘no’ to drugs: recreational marijuana will weaken our national institutions

Recreational Marijuana: The Peril

When it comes to the effect of drug use on a community, history is clear. Just ask 19th Century China, where Opium eventually spawned an addicted populace and foreign economic control; enforced by "gunboat diplomacy."

That couldn't happen here, could it?

My opponent says no. He continues to push for legal marijuana, despite a sharp increase in Colorado homelessness and car accidents since that state legalized recreational pot.

Check out the growing list of pot pushing politicians and lobbyists and ask yourself if this is the company our District One congressman should be keeping:

Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, John Boehner, Cory Gardner, Roger Stone and John Morgan.

These individuals are using suffering children and veterans as props to pay off special interest donors. Where's the decency?

Why is my opponent so interested in pushing drugs on our youth and our communities?

It might have something to do with the money he's taken from marijuana industry donors.

Matt Gaetz says he's pushing pot to help children and veterans.

What Mr. Gaetz is not being honest about is that recreational drug use, which is what he and his pot industry donors really want, weakens individuals.

Drug use weakens communities. It weakens the will to stand up for what's right and defend yourself, your values and your nation.

China discovered that problem too late to prevent what history calls a "Century of Humiliation," shaped by foreign economic control, forced opium imports that often substituted for monetary currency, and a fatally addicted and exploited population.

As a parent, a military leader and a business owner, I can tell you from real experience that drug use reduces an individual's ability to get and keep a job.

That's because drugs impair judgement. This is especially true of young people.

Drug choices our youth make early on will impact career development, and ultimately, every aspect of their lives.

Drug use destroys families. It introduces young people to a self indulgence culture that may potentially kill their very souls.

That, in turn, impacts our national well being in countless ways, including economic innovativeness and military readiness to name just two.

Perhaps worst of all, drug use compromises parental authority. Government should not be helping make the toughest job parents will ever have even harder by legalizing these substances.

Our nation is only as strong as its citizens. The weaker our will becomes, the stronger our enemies become.

Much of the drug trade originates in the Middle East and China.

Middle Eastern interests who openly state their intent to invade and control the West are currently overrunning Europe, where government has normalized recreational drug use.

Europe is handing foreign criminals the keys to the city. I don't believe that's coincidence.

Drug use makes people passive. It dulls their natural inclination to defend their families and their culture. They become desensitized and numb to external threats.

Who benefits? It won't be The United States of America.

Except, perhaps, for a few members of Congress, enriching themselves at our nation's expense.

Please help me make sure that doesn't happen by voting no to Matt Gaetz and his drug pushing donors in August.

Enough is enough. This is how we expect Democrats to do business. Florida District One can do better.


June 11, 2018

Florida District One Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev: Gaetz attack on Putnam belies Second Amendment backsliding

Florida District One Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev said criticism by his opponent Matt Gaetz of Florida gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam is another example of Gaetz's Second Amendment hypocrisy.

"Mr. Gaetz says he's discouraged by something Mr. Putnam acknowledges was an isolated mistake by a fired employee," Dosev remarked.

"Marion Hammer, former President of the NRA, is backing Adam Putnam on this. She wouldn't be doing that if she didn't know he is a strong Second Amendment supporter," Dosev noted.

Dosev said NRA support for Adam Putman after the Florida Department of Agriculture background check incident speaks volumes.

"Why is Matt Gaetz trying to shoehorn in gubernatorial candidate De Santis, who is unreliable on 2nd Amendment rights, into office? Who are they working for?"Clearly, it's not Florida District 1, and it's not President Trump."

A quote from FL Tea Party:

“Anti-gun activists are falsely stating that Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, who is running for governor with a strong NRA rating, let thousands of people buy guns illegally while in charge of the Department of Agriculture.


This failure of an employee did not allow a single gun purchase. It was about allowing licenses to carry concealed weapons. Anti-gun activists should be ashamed of themselves for promoting fake news. (Yes and so should Republicans who aren't supporting Putnam using this fake leftist story against him).”

"Matt Gaetz doesn't think twice about deliberately ignoring the facts on the ground to vilify a man who has faithfully discharged the duties of Florida Commissioner of Agriculture for close to the last decade," Dosev said.

"Adam Putnam is an honorable and diligent public servant—and undeserving of the unfounded attacks from Congressman Gaetz.”


June 8, 2018

Florida District 1 Republican congressional candidate Cris Dosev says Triumph Gulf Coast hoarding BP lawsuit money; Gaetz connection, including campaign donations from Triumph boardmembers, a conflict of interest

Describing Northwest Florida backroom crony politics as rampant, Florida District 1 Republican congressional candidate Cris Dosev said Triumph Gulf Coast is hoarding BP lawsuit funds from struggling Gulf Coast communities.  The candidate again urged Triumph to release $300 million in preliminary BP lawsuit settlement funds to coastal communities. 

He also called for Triumph Chair Don Gaetz to step down, citing a conflict of interest because Gaetz’s son, Matt Gaetz, is a sitting Panhandle congressman. 

Dosev noted that at least four of Triumph’s seven Board of Directors members, plus Don Gaetz, have donated to Matt Gaetz’s campaign, per FEC records.

“Never would I have imagined that elected officials would so brazenly take advantage of disaster victims by establishing a corporation, Triumph Gulf Coast, Inc., outside of constitutional governance checks and balances; then set up a crony oversight scheme to control recovery funds meant for our communities,” Dosev remarked.

Triumph Gulf Coast oversees the settlement money’s distribution.  Its creation was spearheaded by then-President of the state Senate, Don Gaetz.  Gaetz now chairs Triumph’s board of directors.

Dosev released the following statement:

In case Congressman Gaetz has forgotten, his own father, Don Gaetz, spearheaded the creation of and now is the chairman of Triumph Gulf Coast Corporation.  Which is currently sitting on $300 million in BP recovery money the law says belongs to local communities.

In 1980, at age 18 I went off to college at University of Florida.  Like so many other veterans who left home at that age, I joined the military - specifically on a University of Florida NROTC scholarship.

I graduated April 28th, 1984, and accepted a commission that same day into the United States Marine Corps as a second lieutenant.

Six months earlier, 243 Marines were murdered at the barracks bombing in Beirut.  The Beirut assault marked the start of an Islamic radical terror war against the world that is still being waged today.

That attack was the catalyst that spurred my commitment to serve my country.

With his cavalier comments, my opponent ignores and dismisses that service.  I presume it’s because he never served in the military, and doesn’t understand the ethos behind that decision.

Patriotic young Americans were willing to step up so that he could enjoy his life of privilege and recklessness, unfettered with the burden others were willing to voluntarily shoulder on his behalf.

I bring these things to light because Mr. Gaetz’s attitude is emblematic of what I see unraveling in this country, and in our community.  

My fellow veterans and I did not sign up to make it easier for politicians to profiteer off the backs of our friends and neighbors. 

Never would I have imagined that elected officials would so brazenly take advantage of disaster victims by establishing a corporation, Triumph Gulf Coast, Inc., outside of constitutional governance checks and balances; then set up a crony oversight scheme to control recovery funds meant for our community.

Good government requires the vigilance of good citizens.  We should be very concerned that the Gaetz's effectively control $1.5 billion dollars with no oversight.

We should demand that the $300 million dollars currently held in Triumph’s account be immediately released to the 8 affected counties, as required by law.

We elected local officials to assess infrastructure needs within the communities they serve, and determine where recovery funds can be best spent.  They don't need big brother approval of what they know their constituents want done in their communities.

Our congressman should be demanding the release of this money.  Perhaps he can't, because his father controls it.  It's a family affair conflict of interest, and it's not a pretty picture.


May 31, 2018

Florida District 1 Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev: Triumph Gulf Coast hoarding millions in BP settlement dollars that could be helping Panhandle communities


Florida District 1 Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev wants Panhandle communities to know exactly how much BP settlement money Triumph Gulf Coast is parking in the bank while local governments struggle.

Triumph has received the first $300 million installment of an eventual $1.5 billion in economic damages settlement money.

The funds are supposed to be used for economic development in the eight affected counties: Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Bay, Gulf, Franklin, and Wakulla. Triumph Gulf Coast, Chaired by former Florida Senate President Don Gaetz, oversees settlement spending.

“Triumph is sitting on those dollars while they try to manipulate a way to give them to special interest cronies,” Dosev remarked. “Just this past year, Florida lawmakers specifically passed legislation to make sure the money goes towards public purposes.

“Instead, Triumph Chair Don Gaetz is hoarding our money while his lawyers try to find a way to shuffle it to special interests. Those funds could be going towards greatly needed public infrastructure investment. What’s the holdup?

Records include a 16 page attorney’s letter detailing potential ways to evade the legislative ban on private interest grants.

Dosev said Triumph must stop trying to get around We the People's clear directive against corporate welfare.

“Triumph Gulf Coast must immediately distribute these funds to the Panhandle communities that were impacted by Deepwater Horizon,” Dosev said. “Escambia alone is due $72 million. Our community needs that money. Stop sitting on it.”


May 30, 2018

Florida District 1 Congressional candidate and Iraq War veteran Cris Dosev says Memorial Day Matt Gaetz Tweet claiming “President Trump likes winners. That’s why he isn’t supporting you” demeans District 1’s Congressional seat and the Office of the President

Florida District 1 Congressional candidate Cris Dosev said a Memorial Day Tweet by Congressman Matt Gaetz, stating that President Trump doesn’t support the Iraq War veteran’s campaign because “President Trump likes winners,” demeans both the District 1 Congressional seat and the Office of the President.

The May 28, 2018 Tweet, posted from @mattgaetz Twitter account, states: “Didn’t you lose by like 16 points the last time you ran against me? President Trump likes winners. That’s why he isn’t supporting you.”

“I suspect President Trump has far more important things to worry about than Matt Gaetz’s petty political squabbles,” Dosev remarked, “especially on this most solemn of days. Unfortunately, it appears Mr. Gaetz has once again managed to demean Florida District 1’s Congressional seat, and this time he’s dragged the Office of the President down with him, on an occasion that is supposed to be about honoring service and sacrifice.

“This is just the latest in a long string of embarrassments for Northwest Florida, none of which have had anything to do with helping Northwest Florida,” Dosev added. “Now, we have the spectacle of Mr. Gaetz coopting the Office of the President for petty political purposes, on Memorial Day.”



Dosev released the following statement:

Yesterday we commemorated Memorial Day - a solemn day of remembrance to those who lost their lives in defense of our country. We also remember those who the fallen have left behind - the parents, the spouses, the children, siblings, and the brothers and sisters in arms - who continue to shoulder the sacrifices that allow us to live free. To those forced by fate to live with that burden, we, as a nation, offer our deepest gratitude and condolences.

In longstanding American tradition, the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces, President Donald Trump, laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and offered a somber address of remembrance.

Yesterday, I attended a Memorial Day Mass and went to an event with the group “Guns to Hammers,” who provide ADA-compliant improvements to homes for wounded veterans.

Sadly however, as our nation mourned and remembered those lost, our sitting congressman saw fit to take to Twitter to hurl schoolyard insults and embarrass this District, once again.

It appears that, to my opponent, I am nothing more than a vote total in a past political race.

That perspective can only come from someone with no point of reference outside political popularity contests. That is a sad commentary on our Congressional representation, and that is exactly why I’m going to replace him.

This District needs somebody who understands what it means to grow up poor. To have nothing that wasn’t earned. To spend one’s youth moving a young family around the country as an active duty servicemember. To strap into a tactical combat aircraft and fly into anti-aircraft fire. To raise children in a world beset with pitfalls. To carry a business alone through difficult times.

In short, to be held fully accountable for all one’s life decisions.

That’s my definition of a “winner.” And it includes the over 20,000 voters who supported this campaign’s grassroots effort in 2016.

Ladies and gentlemen, I know what I signed myself and my family up for when I decided to run for Congress.

I was prepared for pettiness and juvenile behavior. If I were thin-skinned, I wouldn’t be doing this.

What I find most concerning about this attack is that my opponent would see fit to launch it against a veteran on a day of military memorial. It is both an insult to the veteran community and those veterans who support my candidacy.

And indeed, it is that fundamental lack of perspective, repeatedly demonstrated by our congressman, that makes him unfit to represent our community.

My opponent thinks this race is a contest; political theatre; an opportunity to add to his tally of elections won.

For me, this is serious business and a call to serve God, country and this community.

For those I served with, for my two sons currently serving as active duty Marines, I can’t step aside and relegate the leadership of this country to men without perspective.

That’s my definition of a “winner.”


May 23, 2018

Florida District 1 Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev says Pensacola Bay Bridge should be named after Pensacola native General Daniel “Chappie” James, Jr.

Florida District 1 Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev is urging state lawmakers to name the new Pensacola Bay Bridge after General Daniel “Chappie” James, Jr. The bridge is scheduled for completion in 2020.

Dosev released the following statement:

General Chappie James is a true hometown hero, whose legacy of patriotism and devotion to country is an inspiration to every Northwest Floridian.

This is an individual who came from a segregated childhood to become the first African American servicemember to earn the rank of Four-Star General, as the Commander of NORAD.

Along the way, General James served in three wars; as a “Tuskegee Airman” and pilot trainer in WWII; and as a combat pilot in Korea and Vietnam. Later on, General James said three more wouldn't be too many to defend his country. His exact quote was, “I love America, and as she has weaknesses or ills, I'll hold her hand.”

His legacy is a bridge, from one generation to another, communicating an eternal message: that this country is a gift and worthy of the sacrifice that requires the productive energy of a grateful people.

I can’t think of a more appropriate and selfless American patriot to memorialize on a vital part of Northwest Florida regional infrastructure than this legendary local son who gave so much to his community and his nation.

An Air Force command pilot, General Daniel “Chappie” James was born in Pensacola and graduated from Washington High School in 1937. James was the first African American servicemember to achieve the rank of Four Star General.

He served in WWII and the Vietnam and Korean wars, and was appointed Vice Commander of the 33d TFW at Eglin Air Force Base in December 1967. James later received a promotion to four-star General upon assuming command of NORAD.

James received numerous decorations and awards, including the Defense Department's Distinguished Service Medal; the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal with one Oak Leaf Cluster; the Legion of Merit with one Oak Leaf Cluster; the Distinguished Flying Cross with two Oak Leaf Clusters, and the Air Medal with 13 Oak Leaf Clusters.


May 14, 2018

Florida District 1 Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev calls for Triumph Gulf Coast to distribute BP settlement funds directly to local governments; says Chair Don Gaetz should step down

Florida District 1 Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev said Triumph Gulf Coast should immediately distribute BP settlement funds directly to local governments; and Chair Don Gaetz should step down due to family conflict of interest concerns.

Dosev issued the following statement:

It's time for Triumph Gulf Coast to stop playing games with BP settlement funds, before the whole $1.5 billion disappears into Northwest Florida’s special interest swamp forever.

Triumph can start by distributing $15 million from the first $300 million installment to each of the 8 affected counties of the BP disaster, as Florida law stipulates.

The remaining $180 million should be proportionally distributed to counties, based on population. That is fair, that is equitable and that is what needs to happen immediately.

Furthermore, due to a serious conflict of interest, Triumph Board Chair Don Gaetz should step down; and Triumph must cease and desist efforts to give the money to private special interests.

Gaetz’s undue influence on elected officials in 4 of the 8 affected counties, because his son is a sitting congressman, presents a clear ethics issue.

Local officials can submit city and county project suggestions to Triumph, whose board then evaluates them for funding approval.

The power Gaetz holds over local officials through his family connection to Congress raises serious concerns about the entire project submittal and award process.

This situation must be corrected before cash intended for the Gulf Coast drains from the hands of the people, through the Panhandle Swamp, and into the waiting pockets of the politically connected.

Before signing over Northwest Florida's first $300 million in BP lawsuit money, state lawmakers passed legislation specifically designed to prevent private cronies from pilfering the coffers.

Despite that clear mandate, records show Triumph’s unelected board is still trying to justify grants to private interests.

Triumph records include a 16 page attorney’s letter detailing potential ways to evade the legislative ban on private interest grants.

Triumph must stop trying to get around We the People's clear directive against corporate welfare.

BP settlement funds are supposed to be spent on public economic development projects.

By law, 40 percent of the first $300 million must be divided between the eight affected counties. That is $15 million each to Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Bay, Gulf, Franklin, and Wakulla counties.

Triumph says they'll pick "transformational" projects.

But the first three - a warehouse, a sewer line to nowhere, and school program funds - reveal an overly burdensome selection process for projects of arguable “transformational” value.

Had the first dollars gone directly to local governments, duly elected representatives would have been accountable for those spending decisions.

Instead, spending was diffused through Triumph’s unelected board and now, nobody is directly responsible.

If BP money does end up going to private interests, as Gaetz appears to have wanted from the start, we’ll have even less accountability.

Escambia County is especially disadvantaged in this. Despite suffering the brunt of the oil spill damage, nobody from Escambia sits on Triumph's board.

Escambia is desperately trying to pay our sheriff's deputies while rebuilding inner city infrastructure.

Eligible Triumph funds could greatly boost overstressed budgets. But Triumph's extra layer of bureaucracy creates a barrier to any real progress. Why? Who is it really designed to help?

Last year, Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran, who was contemplating a run for Governor, said he was against lawsuit money going to corporate welfare.

Why, then, did Corcoran appoint Gaetz to Triumph's board? The initial version of Triumph, which Gaetz designed and pushed as Senate President, allowed private grants.

Did Corcoran give Don Gaetz board control to negate the new legislation that removed private grants?

Was Corcoran's noisy concern over private handouts just window dressing for a future gubernatorial run?

Corcoran said, at the recent Okaloosa Republican Lincoln-Reagan fundraising dinner, that he couldn’t think of anybody he rather have in his foxhole than Matt Gaetz.

Does his cozy relationship with the Gaetz family extend to special interests waiting for a cut of the $1.5 billion that’s supposed to be helping all Northwest Floridians?

If past history is any gauge, the only "transformation" we can expect if Gaetz’s Triumph is allowed to hand out corporate welfare grants is watching our settlement cash being transformed into special interest payouts.

Florida's Constitution says no appropriation of State funds can be made without legislative approval. Yet, one person, President Don Gaetz, appears to wield inordinate power over settlement cash for a disaster the whole Gulf Coast of Florida suffered.

This is a clear conflict of interest, not to mention an unconstitutional evasion of legislative obligation.

Triumph’s precarious legal standing is ripe for challenge, jeopardizing the $1.5 billion set aside for Northwest Florida. All the unspent funds could revert to the State’s general fund if a determined legal challenge is brought against Triumph.

The BP disaster was a heavy blow to our community. Escambia and Santa Rosa residents suffered the greatest harm. We have waited patiently for 8 years for these funds to be released to assist in our recovery.

Board Chair Gaetz has no right to impede that effort by diverting our money to selected special interests.


May 11, 2018

Florida Republican District 1 Congressional candidate Cris Dosev receives Eagle Forum endorsement for the second time

Eagle Forum, a conservative public policy organization founded by national conservative legend Phyllis Schlafly, has endorsed Florida Republican District 1 Congressional candidate Cris Dosev for the second time.

Mrs. Schlafly was an early endorser of Donald Trump for president, and when she passed away in 2016 at the age of 92, then candidate Trump attended her funeral.

At the service, Trump called Mrs. Schlafly a conservative hero and said that "her legacy will live on every time some underdog, outmatched and outgunned, defies the odds and delivers a win for the people." Dosev says he hopes to continue that legacy.

Current Eagle Forum President, Eunie Smith, described Dosev as “a staunch defender of the Constitution and a pro-family leader."

To date, Dosev is the only candidate from the state of Florida to receive this endorsement. Other notable past recipients have been Congressman Jim Jordan and Congressman Mark Meadows.

On the endorsement, Dosev offered the following remarks:

I’m honored and humbled to have earned the Eagle Forum’s endorsement for the 2018 District 1 Congressional seat.

I’m especially proud the Eagle Forum has recognized my unwavering commitment to core conservative principles by endorsing this campaign for two consecutive elections.

Eagle Forum is the Gold Standard for conservative principles. Their endorsement is an expression of confidence that I’ll follow through on those principles, regardless of political winds.

That is something I take very seriously.

Like Eagle Forum members, I will stand up for traditional values, limited government, and Second Amendment rights. I will push for the fiscal responsibility and tax cuts that encourage American entrepreneurship and a healthy economy.

I’ll make sure America’s service members, active duty military and veterans, don’t get shortchanged.

I will oppose all encroachments on U.S. sovereignty and border security.

Most importantly, I will fight without compromise for the protection of human life.

I’m privileged to take up the standard for Eagle Forum values like individual freedom and private enterprise, because those are the values that have made Northwest Florida, and our nation, great.

District 1 constituents should demand nothing less.

The Gold Standard of conservative integrity, Eagle Forum has led the national pro-family movement since 1972. The Eagle Forum has championed the conservative causes of smaller government, lower taxes, and pro-family policies that respect parents, religious freedom, and communities over Washington bureaucrats.

Mrs. Schlafly, a national leader in conservative politics for more than 50 years, wrote some 20 books, including the best-selling 1964 conservative primer, “A Choice Not an Echo,” which remains in print today.


May 8, 2018

Florida District 1 Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev lauds President Trump for exiting Iran deal

Florida district one Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev is lauding President Trump for exiting the Iran nuclear deal.

Dosev issued the following statement:

President Trump made the right decision for America in getting out of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal.

History has shown time and time again that appeasing evil only encourages more evil.

Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism. The nuclear deal has not changed that fact one iota to date.

The prior administration's giveaway allowed Iran's totalitarian dictatorship to perfect nuclear technology over the coming decade. They were then free to do what they wanted with it in 2030.

This poorly thought out agreement exposed the entire civilized world to a potential World War scale disaster by people who have made their own apocalyptic religious views very clear.

President Trump made the right decision for the American people and the rest of the world.


April 19, 2017

Florida Republican District 1 Congressional candidate Cris Dosev commends OCREC Chairman Mark Franks for uninviting Roger Stone to Lincoln-Reagan Dinner

I commend Okaloosa County Republican Executive Committee Chairman Mark Franks for appropriately canceling Roger Stone’s contract to speak at the Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner. It was the necessary action to take not only because of Stone’s incredibly insulting remarks of the late Barbara Bush, but for his disgusting past behavior. Roger Stone is a despicable human being and unfit to address the patriotic constituents of Northwest Florida.

It is not easy to plan and direct a prestigious political event, such as the Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner, and I commend Franks for taking this quick, decisive action.

I look forward to seeing the Okaloosa County REC members and the other devoted NWF citizens when I attend the dinner with my wife, Lisa, on May 12.


April 19, 2017

Florida Republican District 1 Congressional candidate Cris Dosev condemns Okaloosa GOP Roger Stone event
Florida Republican District 1 Congressional candidate Cris Dosev said he’s stunned and disappointed by the Okaloosa Republican Executive Committee invitation to Roger Stone to speak at the 2018 Lincoln-Reagan Dinner.
Dosev released the following statement:
I am deeply disappointed that Okaloosa Republican leadership asked Roger Stone to speak at this year’s Lincoln-Reagan event.  The good people of Northwest Florida need leaders to fight for them against Washington DC sleazebags...not bring them into our own backyard. 
My opponent, Matt Gaetz, called Mr. Stone “the brightest political mind in America.”
President Trump, on the other hand, called this self-serving political DC insider lobbyist, whose latest project is pushing pot for a personal profit, regardless of the destructive social consequences, a "stone-cold loser" who "always tries taking credit for things he never did." And his best friend is our Congressman Matt Gaetz!
I doubt District 1 constituents familiar with Mr. Stone’s unsavory background would share Mr. Gaetz’s enthusiasm for him. 
In fact, Mr. Stone’s cruel attacks on the late Barbara Bush’s character, hours after she passed away, is the most recent example of a disregard for basic human decency that flies in the face of core Republican principles.
I have no doubt that President Trump fired Mr. Stone for similar reasons.  Candidate Bob Dole fired him years earlier for lascivious behavior of the lowest moral standards.
Roger Stone has a long history of so-called dirty tricks that have nothing to do with legitimate conservative goals designed to strengthen our nation, and everything to do with helping Roger Stone.
His boast that “it’s better to be infamous than never to be famous at all” epitomizes a wholesale rejection of basic Republican tenets that have grounded our party and our country through a history of foreign and domestic challenges.
Now, grandstanding, corruption and narcissism must compete with longstanding conservative aims of stable, sustainable national policy goals.  Mr. Stone and friends have damaged our party, and they are damaging our nation by clouding real issues with smoke and noise.
Roger Stone deals in stunts.  He and his proteges have never really served their communities or their nation in any capacity.
They are vultures, destroying the fabric of our society in a bottomless quest for television camera attention.
Self-serving individuals like Mr. Stone are the reason people are sick and tired of politics.  They are the reason nothing gets done.
Instead of meaningful conversations, we see bottomless, circular conflict that clouds real issues.  It’s a perpetual state of anger with no accomplishment. 
At the end of the day, with all the railing we’ve heard on secret memos and washed up Democratic politicians, what have Mr. Stone and friends actually done for America?
They want TV time and they want easy money from crony capitalist schemes like marijuana cartel wheeling and dealing.
They don’t give a darn about the citizen, the parent, the employer, the servicemember. 
But I have news for Mr. Stone and his water boys angling to whisper in our President’s ear.
We didn’t sign up to be manipulated by narcissists.  And we won’t be.
Roger Stone is a despicable human being and unfit to address the great constituents of Northwest Florida.  It's a disgrace to have a man of such shameful character be paraded around by our District Congressman, much less asked by the Okaloosa Republican Party leadership to speak about anything.
Congressman Gaetz needs to find better mentors than Roger Stone.  I suggest nearly anyone in Northwest Florida who has served their country, raised a family or run a small business.


April 16, 2017

FL CD 1 Candidate Cris Dosev: Response to airstrikes on Syria

According to our Secretary of Defense, James Mattis and our President Donald Trump, based on our intelligence, the Assad regime of Syria targeted indiscriminately its civilian population with chemical weapons causing the death of at least 40 non-combatants to include women and children.

As heinous as this crime is, what makes it a fundamental cause for concern for the American public is that we currently have over 2,000 troops in the theater, and in that light, no violation of the use of chemical weapons can be left unchallenged and dismissed.

Here are the hard facts and the underlying difficulties that must be considered in determining the appropriate course of action in such a confused environment. Vladimir Putin is, for the foreseeable future, the leader of Russia. He is the Czar father of the Russian kleptocracy and will resort to all deception, subterfuge and double-dealing to maintain power. The Iranian regime is the world's number one sponsor of terrorism, and since October 23rd, 1983 with the tragic bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, has made every effort to target Americans and secure hegemony in the Middle East. Bashar Assad for the sake of his own life and the survival of his regime is their vassal. Turkey finds itself with its leader Erdogan, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in the middle of a cauldron of ever-rising temperature. They are beset with a Russia, prepared for provocation to the north and Kurds to the east demanding territory and statehood. Throw into the mix Israel's concern for its national survival and constant threats for total annihilation by Iran and you have a better idea as to President Trump’s strategic challenges.

Yet in spite of their previously enthusiastic vocal support in the past for the president’s domestic actions, the talking heads have decided to jump ship and cry like babies when our president asserts his authority as Commander in Chief to secure the safety of our troops deployed in hostile zones overseas. Alex Jones of InfoWars led the train of opposition as the unhinged provocateur seriously exposing him to be part of the deepest “Deep State” actors of the disinformation bureau. Jones cites Roger Stone spinning the President’s action as a “Wag the Dog” cover for the investigation into his personal attorney Michael Cohen. Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson, in their publicly stated opposition to the President, cannot distinguish that this was a limited joint strike by allies sending an important message of humanitarian outrage to Syria’s Assad over unlawful use of prohibited chemical weapons. Dr. Sebastian Gorka and Ms. Sara Carter, I believe, have the correct understanding of the specific situation. As horrible and barbaric as this most recent attack is, it could have been ignored by the international community had it not been for the fact that American troops are on the ground and in close enough proximity to warrant a response.

A “deliberately pre-determined mistake” on the part of a desperate and irresponsible, foreign, adversarial regime could push our nations into a situation that would have made global conflict unavoidable. Atrocities, as Laura Ingraham points out, occur daily throughout conflict areas in Africa and Asia but none the less those conflicts zones do not incorporate the concerns and interests of Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Western allies as Syria does at this present moment. The red line was crossed. The president acted decisively, and I commend him for sending a clear message to our adversaries that chemical weapons in theater will not be tolerated, and that the Assad regime and its enablers have fallen outside the norms of acceptable behavior amongst belligerent nations and should seriously fear the retribution of the civilized world.


March 28, 2017

Florida District 1 Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev well exceeds voter petition signature requirement for 2018 Primary ballot – will face Matt Gaetz

Florida District 1 Republican House candidate Cris Dosev has more than enough voter signatures to make the August Primary ballot, per the state Division of Elections.  The requirement was 5,303, and the DoE reports Dosev has 6,021 verified signatures.

Dosev released the following statement:

I’m deeply honored by the confidence District 1 voters have expressed in this campaign. 

With the help of my wife Lisa and the outstanding efforts of our great campaign volunteers, we started down this road by asking Northwest Floridians if they’d put an authentic, fiscally conservative, family values Republican on the ballot.  Residents across the District responded with petition signatures, and I thank them and am humbled by their support.

It would have been a whole lot easier to write a check and buy a spot on the ballot.  When this campaign started, Lisa and I agreed that any candidate asking to represent Northwest Florida in Washington owes it to Northwest Florida to do it right or not at all.  We decided to leave it up to District 1 voters to decide who they wanted to see on the ballot.

In the process, getting out and asking for ballot signatures gave us the chance to meet people from all over District 1 and hear what they want from Congress, in person.

This is not a phone-in campaign or a television camera opportunity.  This is a grassroots local effort, by local people, for local people.  My goal was to shake hands with every voter in District 1, and I think we’ve made a great start. 

As we move into full election season, Lisa and I, again, thank District 1 Florida for their support and look forward to meeting with as many Northwest Floridians as we can in the coming months.  God Bless Northwest Florida, and God Bless the United States of America.


February 26, 2018

Another broken promise:  Gaetz folds on gun rights - Florida Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev opposes Gaetz, Scott "creeping gun control;" supports teacher concealed carry

Florida District 1 Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev said opponent Matt Gaetz and Governor Rick Scott's calls for more firearm age restrictions infringe on the rights of Americans who have done nothing wrong.

Dosev advocates concealed carry permits for qualified teachers and administrators, as part of a comprehensive school security plan.

Authorities must also modernize campus safety technology, bolster community mental health resources, and support police efforts to investigate and process persons who pose a potential violent threat, he said.

Dosev released the following statement:

I strongly oppose Governor Scott’s move to increase age limit restrictions on firearm purchases, and urge the Governor to back the common sense policy of concealed carry permits for qualified teachers and administrators.

My opponent Matt Gaetz's support for more age restrictions, the latest attempt at creeping gun control, is just another promise broken to please his Washington establishment bosses. 

As a result of one individual who, by all accounts, should have been detained when authorities had the chance to do so, we’re seeing an opportunistic push to take Second Amendment rights from people who have committed no crimes.

It's one more step in a long running establishment campaign to strip the Second Amendment of its teeth; and as usual, Matt Gaetz is taking orders from his Washington special interest donors instead of District 1 Florida.

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty, especially in the context of a Constitutional right?

Governor Scott needs to reevaluate what he's just pushed forward and recognize the problem was that government had the law on their side and failed to follow through.

They could have Baker Acted the shooter and stopped the attack before it started.

It was a cascading failure by authorities to do their jobs that ultimately caused this tragedy.

Sadly, the presence of a police officer at Parkland didn't make a difference.

That officer's failure to act underscores the lesson that we cannot rely on government alone to keep us safe.  This is something America's founders understand implicitly.  It's the very reason they included Second Amendment rights in our Constitution.

To keep our schools safe, we must maximize potential defense and deterrent elements by empowering school employees.

We must also reverse the Ferguson Effect, a layover from the Obama era, whereby police officers hesitate to use appropriate force for fear of provoking a politicized backlash.

Government must do a competent job of addressing warnings about mentally unstable individuals.  If that includes detainment and commitment, standard procedures must be in place and ready to implement.

And as Governor Scott notes, we must modernize school security technology, with metal detectors, bulletproof glass, steel doors, upgraded locks and other measures as necessary.

We can and we must achieve school security. 

We can and we must achieve it without taking away the rights of honest Americans.

It's unjust to punish law abiding 18 to 21 year olds, who have the legal, adult responsibility to vote, for the actions of one individual.  It's unjust to punish honest Americans for the incompetence of those entrusted to implement existing laws.

It's irresponsible to oppose empowering qualified, willing school personnel with the means to defend themselves and students.

I fully stand behind Second Amendment rights and will defend them against any attempts, including "creeping gun control" measures like a national registry, special ammo taxes, onerous permitting requirements, and now, unwarranted age restrictions, to infringe on them.

My opponent guaranteed that he would always defend our Second Amendment rights. When true conservative principles must be defended, he fails. Another campaign promise broken. 


March 23, 2017

Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev: 2018 Appropriations Bill another irresponsible step towards fiscal disaster

Florida District 1 Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev released the following statement regarding today’s passage of the 2018 Federal Omnibus Appropriations Bill:

Congress has once again failed our President.

The $1.3 trillion spending bill that President Trump reluctantly signed today takes us one step closer to a looming fiscal disaster. How much longer must we stand by and watch our government strangle this nation’s economic viability and future with further debt?

The United States is $21 trillion in debt, as of last week. We are looking at permanent trillion dollar deficits by next year, according to the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

Our debt is on track to exceed the total size of our economy, the gross domestic product, inside of 10 years.

Yet Congress continues to spend our money on Washington establishment priorities at the expense of we-the-people: our cost of living, our quality of life, and our kids’ futures.

This path is unsustainable. Establishment Republicans are undermining the will of the people by selling out our nation's economic security. Republican Congressional leaders should have never put this bill into the President's hands. And they know it!


March 23, 2017

Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev urges President Trump to veto spending bill

District 1 Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev said the $1.3 trillion spending bill approved Friday by Congress benefits establishment special interests at the rest of the country's expense, and urged President Trump to veto it.

Dosev said he hopes the President will stick to campaign promises to put America's middle class first by curbing national debt and prioritizing working Americans.

"It's middle class Americans who are paying for all this," Dosev noted. "Why are we getting the short end of the stick again? Who does Congress think they work for"?

"Why are we continuing to subsidize sanctuary cities, while basic border security is underfunded and Americans are out of work?" he added.

"Our priority should be the border wall. We should be taking hard earned tax dollars away from sanctuary cities. Instead, we're throwing more money at them. Who does that benefit? It's certainly not working Americans."

Dosev called for a ban on all Planned Parenthood funding.

"Why are we feeding the families of illegal criminals while we subsidize the unconscionable actions Planned Parenthood is perpetrating against our own American children?" he remarked.

Dosev criticized the bill's spending hikes as irresponsible.

"Why are we continuing to pay for Obamacare insurance industry subsidies when middle class premiums are still skyrocketing?" he noted. Who benefits from that? Obviously, not taxpaying Americans trying to access our broken health care system."

"Debt is strangling this nation's economic viability," Dosev noted.

"Foreign interests are buying up American assets while we throw money at sanctuary cities housing illegal migrants. Many of those migrants are sent here by unfriendly countries to ease their own fiscal pressures, so they can buy up more of America. Who does that benefit? It's certainly not our struggling middle class."

Dosev urged President Trump to remember his campaign promises.

"Congress is giving away the farm to please special interest donors, and they're bankrupting the rest of us in the process," he said.

"That's not how you make America great again."


February 19, 2018

Big turnout for Dosev Congressional campaign launch; candidate tackles marijuana, jobs

District 1 Republican candidate Cris Dosev kicked off his 2018 campaign on Presidents Day, where over 100 gathered at Bayview Park for the event.

Dosev and his wife Lisa spent the day meeting with area voters and hearing their concerns.

Pensacola High School History teacher and football coach Todd Leonard, who filled the role of M.C., touched on the impact presidential character has had on the nation.  George Washington, Leonard said, more than any other President, embodied the leadership ideal of warrior, servant and statesman.

“He could have been King but refused,” Leonard pointed out.  “He was no Napoleon, intoxicated with his own greatness.”

Character, integrity and judgement, Leonard noted, matter as much today as they did during Washington’s tenure.

"Cris is...a man of principled positions,” he added, touching on Dosev’s qualifications.  “Not blind party loyalty, willing to do what is truly best for his country, not what is best for party or self.”

Lisa Dosev described her husband as a regular guy, running on principle, who is prepared to do the necessary work, even when it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable.

"If there is anything I can say about Cris, it is that he is earnest and that he has courage....He leads by example and inspires others to have courage as well,” Mrs. Dosev said.

“I trust his judgment. And I know he will not be intimidated or baited or swayed by special interests. I know he has our best interests at heart.”

The former Marine combat aviator had to pause frequently for applause as he spoke about Iwo Jima Day, the importance of American courage and ingenuity, and his concerns on key issues.

“I believe in the American enterprise system,” he remarked.

“I believe in American ingenuity.  I believe in the American ability to imagine, create and accomplish. It’s that ability that makes us the envy and at the same time, the inspiration of the world.  It’s that ability that fosters the reasonable expectations from which American dreams are born.”

Dosev cautioned about runaway government power.

“I believe in clean air, clean water and clean beaches,” he said.

“I believe the federal government has its role but I also understand it must constantly be reminded of its limits and held accountable for its actions."

The candidate outlined key areas of focus going into election season: jobs, a strong military and curbing the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Dosev supports medical marijuana use, and opposes recreational marijuana legalization.  He contends his opponent, Matt Gaetz is advocating for pot because his donors stand to make millions from the trade.  Addiction problems, he said, are a growing threat to America’s social and economic foundation.

“He says it’s about helping kids,” Dosev noted.  “Instead, here’s Matt acting as a drug pusher trying to get pot legalized in order to benefit from a donor windfall in his campaign coffers without any care or consideration for the children he will harm.”

Several attendees were veterans, who said they turned out to support Dosev because they believe he will best represent the area as a whole.

“If we can't get a veteran represent in office in this district that has the most veterans in the country, then where,” one participant observed.

Dosev said he’ll focus on meeting constituents through the election season.

"My goal is to meet and listen to every voter in Florida District 1,” he remarked.


February 2, 2018

Florida congressional candidate Cris Dosev calls Intelligence Committee memo release a win for accountability

Florida Republican District 1 Congressional candidate Cris Dosev hailed today’s release of a controversial U.S. House Intelligence Committee memo as a win for government accountability.

“Any question of internal governmental misconduct is a serious issue demanding professional, thorough investigation,” Dosev remarked.  “The last thing this nation needs is a politicized Justice Department.  The stakes are too high. Releasing this information sends a message that the American people will not allow corruption to be swept under establishment Washington’s bureaucratic rug.”

Dosev noted that any hint of partisan corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement affects America’s interests overseas.

“This kind of thing potentially puts the nation at risk by making our government look divided and self- serving to foreign enemies,” he said.

“Our nation's national security is not a game.  It's not a pawn to be peddled for political gain.  Responsible public servants who prioritize the greater good above their own understand this.” 

Dosev thanked House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes for chasing down the facts despite pushback from Washington’s political establishment.

“In a time of uncertain international dangers, the last thing America needs are political grifters selling out FBI readiness and our nation's status as a beacon of global stability for political gain,” Dosev said.


February 1, 2018

Republican District One Congressional Candidate Cris Dosev: Gaetz “friends in low places” sink to new depths with Holocaust-denier State of the Union guest

At Tuesday’s State of the Union address, President Trump took the time to recognize a number of White House special guests who were invited because their heroism is an inspiration to the nation.

That's why I was stunned to learn that current District 1 Congressman Matt Gaetz chose to bring self-acknowledged white supremacist and off-and-on Holocaust denier Chuck Johnson to the same event.

What an atrocious travesty to let Mr. Johnson sit in the same audience as the African American parents of two teenaged girls who were murdered by MS-13 gang members tied to illegal immigration.

What kind of personal judgement does Mr. Gaetz’s choice of companion demonstrate?  What does it say about our Congressman’s respect for the rest of the President’s guests, not to mention his own constituents?

Attending the SOTU event is a privilege.  That a sitting Congressman couldn’t be bothered to find somebody more appropriate at the last minute speaks volumes about Mr. Gaetz’s attitude toward the responsibilities of the office he’s chosen to fill.

What kind of operation is he running on our dime?

Were there no student achievers available from Washington area schools?  Did Mr. Gaetz’s staffers think to call any local principals? Visitors from West Florida? What about a local servicemember?  A teacher?  A Capitol Hill squirrel?

Gaetz’s excuse?  He didn’t know anything about Johnson until after the fact, he says.

“I then found out he was quite famous for his activity online,” Gaetz laughed. “I didn’t know much about him,” our star Congressman told

Is that the decisionmaking process of a responsible public official?  Is that somebody we can trust with the future of our middle class, our military, our national infrastructure and our foreign policy?

Mr. Gaetz has managed once again to embarrass Florida District One while accomplishing little else except getting his name in the press.

The dubious nature of that attention doesn't seem to be bothering him.  Mr. Gaetz in fact appears to be taking the show business attitude that “there's no such thing as bad publicity.”

Unfortunately for West Florida, elected office is not show business.  Nor is it a college frat house.  Character matters.  And a man is known by the company he keeps.

Somebody who works for a living should tell Mr. Gaetz.  We Can Do Better.


Published in Florida Politics on January 31, 2018

Florida District One Republican House candidate Cris Dosev applauds President’s State of the Union address

Florida District One Republican House candidate Cris Dosev applauded President Trump’s 2018 State of the Union address, and released the following statement:

President Trump threw down the gauntlet in tonight’s State of the Union address, challenging Washington’s establishment to put aside their differences for the good of the nation.

The President reinforced the key, basic truth that it’s our people who make us great; and that the future of our country depends on a government that works for We the People.  

I proudly join President Trump in urging governmental leaders to come together to support our middle class, our military, our national infrastructure and our world leadership role. 

Tonight, as the President spoke of real hope and progress, he reminded all of us that the American dream is alive and well, and the inalienable right of each and every citizen of this great country.

I applaud the President’s inspiring outreach to all Americans, regardless of political leaning or background.  I join him in reiterating that America’s strength as a nation rests in our focus on faith, values and family; and in his call for unity going forward to build on those assets.

It’s time to set political grandstanding aside and put America's first.  It’s time, as the President noted, to get the job done.

It’s time to restore our nation’s focus to where it belongs:  on We the People.  I hope, for the sake of all of our families’ futures, that Washington’s political establishment agrees.


Published in Panhandle Politico on January 27, 2018

Gaetz beach bill flub hurts homeowners, beaches and military

While current District 1 congressman Matt Gaetz is busy maximizing his Washington DC TV camera time, Pensacola Beach homeowners are scrambling to put financial documents in order before tax season.

They might have less to worry about, if Mr. Gaetz had properly handled the process to convert beach lease properties to title.

Instead, Gaetz managed to alienate Senate support for the measure by peddling a Navarre Pass provision the military has, for years, made clear would interfere with operations in the Gulf.

Gaetz further eroded local support for the bill by sneakily omitting public access protection for Santa Rosa beaches, then insinuating that the bill would preserve those areas.

Unfortunately for beach homeowners, Florida's U.S. Senate representatives AND local residents know how to read, and managed to identify Mr. Gaetz's subterfuge despite little to no mention in the local press.

Now, beach homeowners continue to face confusing tax requirements and a wasteful lawsuit process for the foreseeable future.

On top of that, local residents still lack assurances that public access to our beloved, irreplaceable beaches will remain permanently open. Instead, we continue to face the possibility future title efforts will allow beaches to be roped off.

Resolving this longstanding issue was the most pressing local problem Mr. Gaetz was responsible for.

Instead, he flubbed it by grandstanding about pie in the sky add ons that run counter to our key area military mission; and by turning local residents against beach owner rights by threatening longstanding public access.

If Mr. Gaetz had spent a fraction of his Washington political TV appearance time asking local voters what we want for our beaches, the lease question might finally have been settled this year.

Instead, it remains in limbo; while a seemingly unconcerned Mr. Gaetz is busy adjusting his lighting and perfecting his Washington DC pandering skills.

West Florida deserves better. Our citizens deserve better, our beaches deserve better, and our military neighbors deserve better.


Published by The Pulse on January 12, 2018

Anti-trafficking law will cut bureaucracy and help fight domestic terror; Florida District One’s sole vote against it was an embarrassment

(Pensacola, FL) As the parent of eight, I want to thank President Trump, 418 members of the House and the entire Senate for recognizing the fundamental threat human trafficking poses to our nation.

By encouraging government bureaucracies and industry to coordinate resources within the Department of Transportation, the Combating Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act will help streamline efforts to end the scourge of human exploitation. 

And that will improve our ability to find and eradicate terrorists, who rely on our transportation network to move people, drugs and weapons on our own soil.

Partisan acrimony and special interests tend to go hand in hand with bureaucratic government inefficiency.

But for this critical measure, those groups came together in a bipartisan way to cut red tape in support of our national interest.

Except for one lone vote, embarrassingly, from Florida's First District U.S. House member. Representative Matt Gaetz voted no.  For philosophical reasons, he said.

The military has been developing strategies to work with outside “stovepipe” agencies for some time.  Cooperation between different bureaucratic systems was a lesson Desert Storm and Desert Shield taught on the ground, in real time.

There, in a foreign desert environment, Airmen and Marines, Soldiers & Sailors came together to complete the mission, defeat the enemy, preserve lives and materiel, and be prepared to fight another day.  My squadronmates courageously flew missions in the vanguard of our attack because they trusted our “purple” compatriots supporting us from other branches of the military, implicitly. 

We didn’t have time to discuss the fine points of inter-service government theory; we learned how to work with other branches as the situation on the ground demanded, and we got things done.  I am proud of each and every one of the military men and women I served with.  They knew what it takes to defend our country, risking both life and limb in the process, and they did it without grumbling over interservice academic minutiae.

If we can translate that ethos to civilian government and industry, we can accomplish anything.  We can vanquish any enemy.

The preservation of our great nation requires constant vigilance against those who would do us harm.  It has always demanded it of the military; but in the age of domestic terror, it also demands it from government and civilian organizations on the ground, in real time.

 I will always wonder, if our government had had better information flow in place, if we could have avoided 9/11.

The primary mission of the Federal government is to protect its citizens; with corollary goals of safeguarding property and our unalienable God-given rights.

Our elected representatives to that government have one job.  To create legislation that promotes the best interests of our nation.

On Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show, District One’s current Congressman recently stated:  "Take for example the Hezbollah story you just mentioned. It's not just cocaine that's being trafficked. You have got Hezbollah working in common cause with narco-traffickers in South America to move opium, to move heroin, to move people into the United States."

And yet, knowing that, our Congressman voted against a measure designed to cut bureaucratic snarl and help our odds of beating those very same threats.

On 9/11, terrorists attacked pillars of our American values. They brought down the Twin Towers, representing our economic vitality; the Pentagon, representing our military might; and targeted Congress, representing our democratic constitutional form of government.

They hate our position in the world as a beacon of hope and inspiration precisely because we have demonstrated that we can work together for a common good. 

But we need leaders with the conviction to place the national good above their own personal ambitions and ego.  A nation that hopes to promote integrity in the rest of the world demands leaders with integrity.

Thankfully, almost all of ours understand that. 


January 5, 2018

Florida Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev opposes Gulf drilling 

Cris Dosev, Republican candidate for Florida's District 1 U.S. House seat, is lauding Governor Rick Scott's opposition to drilling off Florida's coast.

"Florida's Gulf Coast is a national treasure akin to Yellowstone and Yosemite," Dosev remarked.

"There are no beaches like ours anywhere else, and we've learned the hard way about the potential damages posed by offshore drilling.

"I stand behind American energy independence 1000 percent, but let's focus on areas best suited for exploration,” he said.  “There are abundant sources of fuel in other areas of the country that won't be impacted by the risk factors drilling has introduced to Florida's communities and businesses."

Dosev predicts increased activity in the Gulf would undermine the military mission.

"Oil rigs near the coast will impact military operations across the board; from training to security to larger readiness issues," he noted.  "Now's not the time to create more logistical problems for America's fighting forces."

Dosev urges President Trump and Interior Secretary Zinke reconsider the proposed policy to expand offshore drilling in Florida and recognize that it is not in the best interest of the people of Florida or our nation.


December 27, 2017

Candidate Cris Dosev condemns Congressman Matt Gaetz' 'no' vote on anti-trafficking coordination

Conservative Republican District 1 congressional candidate Cris Dosev strongly condemned Representative Matt Gaetz’ December 19 vote against a measure to combat human trafficking through government-industry coordination.

"That Matt Gaetz could vote against a law to fight human trafficking and sex slave trade is beyond comprehension," Dosev remarked. “What was he thinking?”

The “Combatting Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act,” S 1536, passed the U.S. Senate unanimously. In the House, it passed 418-1, with only Matt Gaetz voting ‘no.’ Responding to a question about his ‘no’ vote on the bill, Matt Gaetz said on Twitter that he votes “against all bills that create new federal boards/commissions/agencies.”

But Cris Dosev counters that this particular bill creates an unpaid advisory committee within the existing Department of Transportation. “It brings law enforcement, antitrafficking groups and transportation people together to compare notes and pool information and resources. This is something military and business organizations do every day, to improve critical outcomes. It’s basic management 101. Who votes against that?”

Cris Dosev pointed out that Florida alone saw more than 550 cases of human trafficking this year, many of which moved through District One’s Interstate 10 corridor. "It’s the latest in a growing list of strange votes by Matt Gaetz, who appears to be more focused on television appearances than advancing legislation that benefits this District and this country,” Dosev observed.

Cris Dosev, the father of five daughters, said he finds it hard to understand how such a public advocate for rescue animals doesn’t seem to fundamentally understand his duty to protect humans first.

“Near unanimous bipartisan support on this should be a clear indication that the American people will not tolerate human trafficking,” Dosev said. “Congressman Matt Gaetz is tone deaf and sorely out of touch with this District and this nation, not to mention basic operational readiness process and procedure.” Dosev adds, “Adults should not quibble over serious matters.”



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