Enforce Immigration Laws

Enforce Immigration Laws

A nation without borders is not a nation.  A nation that fails to protect the security of its citizens puts everyone at risk. I will support legislation to maintain and increase efforts to enhance border security and fully enforce our standing immigration laws.  

We must defund sanctuary cities, implement a stronger e-verify system for legal visa holders, and reject amnesty proposals to discourage more migrants from illegally crossing into and staying in the U.S. As the only son of legal immigrants, I have empathy and profound respect for those who are looking for a better life for themselves and their families by coming to the United States. However, they must go through the proper lawful channels, with the intention to work, to assimilate, and contribute to American society, legally.  In addition, a nation without a common language confuses its citizenry.  English must be established as our official language.  We do so not to denigrate future citizens, but to provide them the greatest opportunity to assimilate and advance in society. 

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