Endorsement from Colonel Christopher E. “Caveman” Holzworth USMC (RET):

Constituents of the Fighting 1st District of the Panhandle of Florida,

It is with great pleasure and with a sense of Duty to my home state of Florida and the Constituents of the 1st District to write this endorsement with my full and most enthusiastic support of Cris Dosev for US Congress. I do not make this endorsement lightly, but with great faith and resolve in Cris’s character. His life is a reflection of hard work, service to others, and an unwavering desire to do the right thing, not for his own personal enhancement or benefit, but merely to give back to the community and the nation he loves with all his heart.

I know Cris Dosev. He is a man with a sincere and passionate desire to serve the people. I have witnessed his unselfish leadership and actions in the community as he championed with tireless effort Veteran’s Concerns and Community projects. His life typifies who we are in the 1st District. He worked on a factory floor as a youth, he earned a NROTC Scholarship to University of Florida, he served in the “Cloth of our Nation” with distinction as a Marine Officer, he fought for freedom as a combat veteran in Desert Storm. Further, on guts, heart, and pure work ethic, he built a successful business, and as a loving father and husband, he raised 8 children with his wife Lisa, two of whom serve our country today as Marine Officers.

Cris is a Reagan Conservative who believes freedom must be fought for with a deep, unselfish desire to serve. I know Cris Dosev. He is a man of integrity who displays in all action a servant’s heart” for our district and our nation.

This is NOT who we have now representing our district today. Matt Gaetz is a career politician who is enamored with forwarding his own personal agenda, he is seeking a platform to spring to his next political position, promotes himself by seeking television time to spew empty clichés, and seeks financial support from special interested groups who are not in line with the convictions and wishes of the people of the 1st District. To make matters worse, Gaetz does not support the President. He has one of the worst voting records of any Republican House member and is not a supporter of the President’s direction for our country.

Albert Einstein once stated, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” This quote exemplifies voting for the incumbent Gaetz again when a more qualified person is available. When we have an opportunity to put someone of Cris Dosev’s character in the 1st district's congressional seat, it is our duty to make that happen. District 1 needs and deserves Cris Dosev’s leadership. I believe that with all my heart. Join me and help “Close the Gaetz."


Semper Fidelis,

Colonel Christopher E. “Caveman” Holzworth USMC (RET)

Commanding Officer, HT-18 Advance Helicopter Squadron, NAS Whiting Field 2000-2001

Commanding Officer, Marine Air Training and Support Group-21, NAS Pensacola 2005-2007

Operations Chief/Chief of Staff, 2nd Marine Air Wing, Al Anbar, Iraq/MCAS Cherry Point, 2007-2010

Commandant, Marine Corps League Detachment 066, Pensacola, 2014-2017

Endorsement from Col. Andy Lloyd:


It was my good fortune to become the first United States Marine Corps squadron commander of Lt. Cris Dosev in June of 1987, while deployed in the Western United States for what is considered a graduate level, multi-service training exercise. The squadron was scheduled for a 6-month Western Pacific deployment, with most aircrew established and approaching full qualification for contingency operations. In truth, there was some reservation of my senior staff about his low experience in the A-6 Intruder, and the extreme demands of the exercise missions. I was aware of the time constraints before deploying, the lack of more experienced aircrew to be assigned, but also the experience of my senior aircrew, and welcomed Cris at the airport with the assurances of his basic training squadron, faith in my aircrew to schedule him wisely and push him to the limits of safety, and the awareness that he had proven all he needed to convince me with the bars on his collar and wings on his chest.

Half way through the three-week exercise, all I was hearing were accolades from his pilots, and truth be known, he was rapidly moving into the most demanding of training missions with a confidence and “swagger” that belied his “newbie” status. To this day, I consider the faith I placed in him and the aircrew who flew with and trained him, one of the smarter decisions of a 31 year career. I would also be remiss not to mention how thoroughly I enjoyed every flight I had with him during our too-short time together.

The Western Pacific deployment was officially uneventful. We let everybody know we were there, completed every task assigned, and after six months of demanding and dangerous operations, brought every person and aircraft home. During this deployment, Cris not only excelled in every duty assigned, in flight and those ever-demanding secondary duties, but became the go-to guy in a myriad of areas on his own initiative, which is the characteristic of a responsible, dedicated Officer of Marines.

As things go in the military, my time in the squadron was over and Cris got to stay, so the squadron I trained went to war without me, but I was there as the Infantry Division Commanding General’s advisor on the use of Air Support. So I was able to watch my squadron operate from a different aspect, with a special interest in how my “newbie” was doing. It’s hearsay, so I won’t dwell, but his combat record speaks for itself.

I’m making him sound like a Marine with unlimited potential, and so I want to discuss why he is running for Congress and not running the Marine Corps. I had occasion to see Cris at a reunion, and he wanted to talk about a decision weighing on him. He was the only child of a once successful but now struggling businessman in the Chicago area. His father had become very ill, and the business was demanding much more attention than Cris knew he could give it and still fulfill his obligations to the Corps he so loved. We both realized the discussion was a formality, for in fact there was no decision to be made. His love of flying, of the Corps and his family were pulling in different directions, and in the end his work ethic, knowledge of the family business, and just doing the right thing led to the end of one successful career and the beginning of another, in which he still excels.

I wish I lived in his district so he could represent me. I’ve seen him work, often when he had no idea I was looking. I’ve seen his dedication to his family and work, and how he balances it. I’ve seen his determination to do what’s right, and nobody will buy the loyalty he owes his constituents, He will honestly tell you what he thinks is right and then do that, there will be no surprises. The Lieutenant never told his Colonel what he thought he wanted to hear, he told him what he thought should be done.

One last reference to his loyalty: Our squadron, Marine (All Weather) Attack Squadron 224, had the call sign of “Bengals”. I will not give out his private email, but 25 years later, it references the fighting Bengals. That’s the loyalty you should expect from your Congressman.

Semper Fidelis,

Col. Andrew M. Lloyd, USMC (Ret)




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