Cris in the News

Cris in the News


May 25, 2018

Pensacola News Journal

Northwest Florida congressional candidates talk immigration, school shootings by Jim Little

Democratic and Republican candidates for Northwest Florida's congressional district were sharply divided on immigration as they appeared together at a candidate forum Thursday in Pensacola.

Republican candidate Cris Dosev and Democratic candidates Phil Ehr and Jennifer Zimmerman discussed issues from immigration to school shootings as they campaigned for the seat currently held by U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz did not appear in person but sent a video message. Also absent was Republican candidate John Mills.

The Women for Responsible Legislation hosted the Pensacola City Hall forum, which featured the three congressional candidates, as well as two statehouse candidates.

Dosev, a U.S. Marine veteran and Pensacola businessman, blamed school shootings on violence in popular culture.

"We need to bring God back into schools," Dosev said. "Let's not make any mistake about it. These children bully each other. …The video games are all about killing, killing, killing, and you honestly believe we can harden buildings, and we could provide enough protection with teachers being armed, when the fundamental rot that is occurring in these young children's minds is coming at them incessantly, 24/7?"

Ehr, a U.S. Navy veteran, said the balance between Second Amendment rights and safety had gotten "out of whack" and a holistic approach was needed to solve the issue.

"My solution is to recognize that there's a spectrum of gun rights from the BB gun to the surface-to-air missile, the line is drawn somewhere right now," he said. "And right now, we need to recognize that the availability of loose guns is a factor, along with mental health and along with the way we have architecture in our schools."

Zimmerman, a pediatrician in Pace, said school shootings need to be approached like a doctor approaches a patient by using science and objectivity to address the issue.

"There is no one easy solution to these school shootings because there is not just one reason," Zimmerman said. "Let's deal with this with science."

In his video message, Gaetz said he couldn't attend the forum because the House of Representatives was still in session.

"Working here in Congress alongside President Trump is one the great honors of my life, and I'm so grateful that Northwest Florida has allowed me to serve in this capacity," Gaetz said in the video.

On the topic of immigration, Ehr said he supports comprehensive immigration reform.

"Illegal immigration — bad. Legal immigration — good," Ehr said "The wall — a monument to fear because of the rhetoric that's there, and what the president described is just unworkable. It's just frankly a waste of everybody's money and time."

Dosev echoed President Donald Trump's comments about the gang MS-13.

"These people are animals," Dosev said. "OK, let's make no mistake about it. OK. We need to fight them in any way shape or form. As a result of how terrible these folks are, I'm fully in support of building this wall."

Dosev repeated Ehr's comment but with a twist.

"Illegal immigration — bad," Dosev said. "Legal immigration, at this point, is bad. And I'll tell you why. The system is completely broken."

Dosev said too much manipulation happens in the immigration system and it needs to be fixed.

Zimmerman, who is an immigrant from the Philippines, agreed the legal immigration system needs to be fixed.

"I am a legal immigrant," Zimmerman said. "I understand immigration more than any of these gentlemen over here. I need to tell you that what is out there is not the truth. Immigration is a very complex issue. There are many pathways to arrive in the United States of America. There are many pathways that are broken, and there are many pathways can be abused by both the immigrant and the American citizens."

Also at the forum, two Republicans running for the two statehouse legislative districts spoke.

Republican Alex Andrade, who is currently unopposed running for Rep. Frank White's District 2 seat, told the crowd he was still campaigning, despite being unopposed.

"I'm the only one in the race, and that means I have to work twice as hard that I know I deserve to represent everyone in House District 2," Andrade said. "And that's my responsibility, and I just hope that you help me feel that I'm comfortable going over to Tallahassee knowing what you care about."

Mike Hill, a former state representative from District 2, is now seeking to go back to the Legislature, but this time to represent District 1. Hill lost a bid for the Florida Senate in 2016 against then-Rep. Doug Broxson after a challenge was made over Hill's primary residence not being in District 2.

Hill is facing Rebekah Bydlak in the Republican nomination for the seat. Bydlak did not attend Thursday's forum.

"Make no mistake, we are right now in a battle for the soul of this nation, and I want to be that warrior that will head to the gap — that will run towards the roar to fight that battle for us," Hill said. "The future of Northwest Florida looks bright right now, and I want to help make it even brighter."


May 21, 2018

Pensacola News Journal

Marlette: Open war for Gaetz vs. Dosev? by Andy Marlette

Here's a funny update on what could be the biggest election year battle up here in the God-fearing, gun-clingin', Republican-votin', troop-salutin' Florida Panhandle. 

GOP Congressional candidate Cris Dosev is trolling the king of all political trolls, Northwest Florida's freshman Congressman Matt Gaetz. And he's doing it at official GOP gatherings in Gaetz's own home turf of Ft. Walton/Okaloosa. But do any of the Panhandle power-brokers, political pimps or GOP insiders think Dosev actually has the fire power to take out the incumbent and Fox News favorite? 

Don't ask me. I'm just the allegedly idiotic liberal cartoonist who happens to live up here in Florida's magic kingdom of conservatism.

But if you talk to many of the veterans and regular, working class Republicans and moderates who live on the Escambia County/Pensacola side of Florida's first congressional district, they're likely to tell you that Dosev is their dude. I'm talking about people who don't write checks to political candidates and the folks who don't sip drinks at Fish House fundraisers, but probably have family members buried in Barrancas National Cemetery. Those folks say that as a "true conservative" (combat veteran, family man, church-goer, gun-slinger, business owner, you know, all that jazz...), Dosev is the real deal, not Gaetz. 

But that perception might not have seeped out across Escambia County lines yet. Because a strange, expert analysis of this local race popped up recently — out of Central Florida.

St. Pete-based Florida politics blog published a strange item a couple weeks ago criticizing Dosev for a comment he made on Facebook. Here's an excerpt: 

"In response to a Facebook comment saying he was “NOT Donald Trump,” Dosev flipped the script — instead of harried remarks proclaiming his allegiance to the president, he wore it like a badge of honor.

“Thank you for the gracious compliment. I’ve been faithfully married to my wife, my one wife, for the past 32 years and we have raised eight wonderful children. I am also a United States Marine. He is not,” Dosev wrote."

Somehow, the blog spun that benign comment as a bad thing and proof that Dosev doesn't stand a chance at getting elected. And for what? Being too patriotic? Displaying too many family values? How dare you, Dosev?!!!!

What's weird is that a Republican would actually get criticized for saying he's a Marine and faithfully married to his wife. Don't you get bonus points for things like that in the GOP? 

And what's even weirder is that the weak hit would come from an insider politics blog from Central Florida that almost nobody in the Panhandle reads.

Florida's political establishment is a small swamp, after all. And Dosev suspects that swamp creatures from outside the Panhandle will show up to defend one of their own. As evidence, he points to this photo from the Okaloosa County GOP's recent Lincoln-Reagan dinner. This is the same dinner that Trump-henchman Roger Stone was scheduled to speak at until he insulted the late Barbara Bush. Two Gaetzes, a Corcoran and an Okaloosa County Commissioner. If that ain't a real life cartoon, I don't know what is. 

So in response, Dosev is now opening fire on Triumph Gulf Coast, alleging that Escambia County is being bilked out of its fair share of oil spill damages and that the Gaetz gents and the Panhandle swamp they've fostered have allowed it to happen. Take cover. The bombs are about to start flying.

Again, I'm just the allegedly liberal cartoonist around here. So what do I know about conservative-on-conservative warfare?

I do know that Gaetz has loyalty from the good ol' establishment boys around here who often pick the winners and losers in these things. But there's only like 13.5 of them. And maybe a dog that's trained to sign campaign checks. And a couple corpses that rise from the grave every election just to cast votes against Democrats.  

But there are a whole bunch of other votes out there. In 2016, Gaetz only won with about 36 percent of the vote in a crazy-crowded primary. Former state Sen. Greg Evers took second place and Dosev third with 21 percent of the vote. In other words, it seems like there's reason for Gaetz to worry.

So does Dosev have the firepower to take on Gaetz's establishment Okaloosa army? Time will tell. But if you talk to some of his fellow Marines around Pensacola, they sound like they're ready for war. Whether Central Florida bloggers know it or not.


May 9, 2011

Eagle Forum

Eagle Forum PAC Endorses Cris Dosev for Congress

Eagle Forum PAC is honored to endorse Cris Dosev for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 1st Congressional District of Florida.

Cris has served our country as a Marine, and wants to give back to those who currently or formerly served in that capacity. He will propose reforms to the Department of Veterans Affairs and work to enhance military readiness. He will continue to protect Americans by championing pro-family legislation. He is unapologetically pro-life and will defend traditional marriage.

As a small business owner, he recognizes the importance of fiscal responsibility. He vows to continue the fight for tax reform and tax cuts that spur job growth and a successful economy. He also promises to work to pass a budget. Congress has skirted a budget far too long by passing Continuing Resolutions and Omnibuses that continue wasteful spending. It is time for that to change.

“Cris is a staunch defender of the Constitution and a pro-family leader,” said Eagle Forum President Eunie Smith. “We urge your support for him in the August primary.”


The Pensacola News Journal

April 21, 2018

Matt Gaetz criticizes Roger Stone over Barbara Bush comment, Cris Dosev goes on the attack by Jim Little

The Republican primary for northwest Florida's congressional seat has turned negative in the wake of comments made by Roger Stone after the death of former first lady Barbara Bush.

Rep. Matt Gaetz's Republican primary challenger, Cris Dosev, criticized Gaetz's association with Stone, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, after Stone said Bush was a "mean-spirited, vindictive drunk" during an appearance on right-wing conspiratorial website InfoWars.

"My opponent, Matt Gaetz, called Mr. Stone 'the brightest political mind in America,' Dosev said in press release Thursday. "President Trump, on the other hand, called this self-serving political DC insider lobbyist, whose latest project is pushing pot for a personal profit, regardless of the destructive social consequences, a 'stone-cold loser' who 'always tries taking credit for things he never did.' And his best friend is our Congressman Matt Gaetz."

Stone posted a photo on Instagram that said "Barbara Bush drank so much booze, if they cremated her … her body would burn for three days."

Stone was set to speak at Okaloosa Republican Executive Committee dinner on May 12, but the group said it disinvited Stone after he made the comments.

The Northwest Florida Daily News reported Stone said he was the one who canceled the dinner because the GOP group wanted to censor his comments adding that "most Republicans HATE the Bushes.”

Gaetz told the News Journal, before a town hall event Friday at Navy Federal Credit Union's Pensacola campus, that Stoned used poor judgement when he made those comments.

"Roger made a real mistake when he attacked Barbara Bush," Gaetz said. "That was something that lacked class, and I was very critical of it. And I understand why Okaloosa County disinvited him."

Gaetz tweeted his criticism of Stone on Thursday.

"Roger Stone should not have said mean things about Barbara Bush," Gaetz wrote on Twitter.

Gaetz stood by his past compliments of Stone's political skills.

"Roger is a very capable political strategist," Gaetz said. "He was one the architects of Donald Trump's campaign, but even people who can be bright strategists can use poor judgement occasionally. And Roger certainly used poor judgement, and I criticized him for it."

As for Dosev, Gaetz said he has turned the campaign negative.

"Cris Dosev is running an exclusively negative campaign, and I'm not very interested in getting into a back and forth with a guy who has never done better than third place," Gaetz said referring to Dosev's 2016 loss to him in a seven-way race.

Dosev was in attendance at Gaetz's town hall and had a different take on the 2016 primary after learning what Gaetz said.

"Maybe if I had daddy taking care of me and intimidating everyone in the district, maybe I'd come in first too," Dosev said referring to, Gaetz's father, former Florida Senate President Don Gaetz. "But I'm not accustomed to having daddy taking care of me."

During the town hall, Gaetz subtly brought up the race without mentioning Dosev's name.

"I've even got one fella running against me back home who says Gaetz just wants to spend all his time on TV," Gaetz said. "You know what, I think my job is to go out there and say the things we believe, and fight for them."

Gaetz mentioned the campaign again after two veterans spoke of their support of medical marijuana.

"I was recently told by someone running against me for the job, that veterans don't care about cannabis reform," Gaetz said. "That veterans don't want me fighting for access to medical cannabis."

Dosev, who is a veteran, said Gaetz spends too much time focused on the medical marijuana issue.

"I think there was an over-emphasis on cannabis, and I think that some of the folks may have been brought here to speak about it extensively," Dosev said. "But we never heard one word about our military readiness — not one word. … He's not on the House Armed Cannabis Committee, he's on the House Armed Services Committee."


April 20, 2018

The Tampa Bay Times

The Tampa Bay TimesRoger Stone calls Barbara Bush a ‘nasty drunk’ and whips up controversy in Northwest Florida by Alex Leary

Stone no longer speaking at Okaloosa County GOP dinner.

The Okaloosa County GOP says it's uninvited Roger Stone from its annual dinner next month after he made disparaging remarks about former first lady Barbara Bush, calling her a "nasty drunk" and other things.

"It's tough to lose a speaker when you're three weeks out, but this is what I felt needed to be done out of respect for Barbara Bush," county REC Chairman Mark Franks said in a statement. "I thought he'd be entertaining but for me this went over the line."

Stone disputed the events and said he backed out. "I cancelled my appearance as the sponsors wanted to censor my public comments, which is unacceptable," he told the Northwest Florida Daily News.

On Instagram following the 92-year-old's death, Stone wrote: "Barbara Bush drank so much booze, if they cremated her … her body would burn for three days."

Cris Dosev, a Republican challenging Rep. Matt Gaetz, has played up his opponent's ties to Stone, noting Gaetz once called him "the brightest political mind in America."

"I doubt District 1 constituents familiar with Mr. Stone's unsavory background would share Mr. Gaetz's enthusiasm for him," Dosev said Thursday. "In fact, Mr. Stone's cruel attacks on the late Barbara Bush's character, hours after she passed away, is the most recent example of a disregard for basic human decency that flies in the face of core Republican principles."

Dosev on Friday praised the move to cancel Stone's speech. "Roger Stone is a despicable human being and unfit to address the patriotic constituents of Northwest Florida," he said.


The Northwest Florida Daily News

April 18, 2018

Dosev challenges Gaetz for GOP nomination by Jennie McKeon

FORT WALTON BEACH — Cris Dosev ran his first campaign for Florida’s District 1 congressman in 2016 against seven other Republicans.

This time, he has a good feeling about the November election.

″(In 2016) name recognition was everything,” Dosev said Monday during an interview at the Daily News office. “And needless to say, the Gaetz name was very popular in the community. From our perspective, we were very proud of our efforts. We went from zero percent in the polls to over 20 percent in three and a half months. We look at this particular election as a runoff. We think that there’s a lot of room there for picking up some voters.”

Dosev is the son of immigrants. His mother is from northern Spain and his father is from Bulgaria. After a career as an officer in the Marines, Dosev became a real estate developer and small business owner in Chicago where he grew up. He moved to Northwest Florida in 2009 with his wife and children.

The Pensacola man said he’s running again for Congress because he believes he best represents the district.

“I grew up shoveling coal and shoveling snow in Chicago,” he said. “I know what it means to work. I know what it means to have to put food on the table. I know what it means to defend our country.”

While Matt Gaetz has been a popular figure on cable news, Dosev said he believes it’s an “obvious weakness.”

“He may be popular in Washington and more so popular here, but at the end of the day it comes at a cost,” he said. “Because he’s made some really, really poor decisions.”

Dosev he takes issue with Gaetz being the lone “no” vote on an anti-trafficking bill last year and called the freshman congressman’s bill to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency as a “stunt.” He’s also concerned that Gaetz is spending too much time on his work to change marijuana to a schedule III drug to expand medial marijuana research.

“It’s problematic,” Dosev said. “We have real issues to concern ourselves with. Moving marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III may seem very important to him, but it’s not nearly as important to people in Northwest Florida, particularly veterans. Veteran administration has not improved, military readiness has not improved. We’re still scavenging parts off of aircraft. Why is it that (Gaetz) is busy at cannabis conferences?”

Dosev also referenced to Gaetz’s State of the Union guest, alt-right activist Chuck Johnson. Gaetz later apologized for inviting Johnson.

“Certain optics are just bad,” Dosev said. “Inviting a holocaust denier to the State of the Union? First, he embarrassed the people here in Northwest Florida. What the people here deserve is a congressman and not a showman. There’s some major differences between Matt and I. One of them is that I’m the adult in the room.”

Gaetz said he’s not worried about campaigning for the upcoming election.

“I’m focused on doing the job,” he said Tuesday afternoon.

On his website, issues that are important to Dosev include protecting the 2nd Amendment, repealing and replacing Obamacare and enforcing immigration laws. When it comes to issues closer to home, Dosev said he wants to focus on protecting military benefits, diversifying the economy and improving infrastructure.

“I’m very pleased in what I’ve seen in the way of development,” he said. “Though you come up with traffic issues. Between building new bridges, new feeder ramps or whatever it is that needs to be done to accommodate the growing population, I think all of those issues are very important. I look forward to finding solutions.”

Across the United States, politicians have been talking about a possible “blue wave” in mid-term elections. In District 1, there are two Democrats running for Congress. Retired Navy Commander Phil Ehr has qualified to be on the ballot and and Milton pediatrician Jennifer Zimmerman is raising money to get on the ballot.

Dosev said he doesn’t believe the district will turn blue, but if elected he said he would represent all Northwest Floridians.

“Everyone wants to have a viable economy,” he said. “Everybody wants a military that’s strong. Everyone wants clean air, clean water and clean beaches.”


The Pensacola News Journal

March 27, 2018

Cris Dosev gets enough signatures to challenge Matt Gaetz in Republican primary by Jim Little

Rep. Matt Gaetz will have at least one challenger in the Republican primary in August as Cris Dosev has collected enough signatures to qualify to put his name on the ballot.

The Florida Secretary of State website shows Dosev had 5,645 verified signatures as of Tuesday afternoon — 342 more than the number required to get on the ballot.

Dosev, a Marine veteran and real estate developer, ran in 2016 and came in third with almost 21 percent of the vote in the seven-way race. Gaetz beat out Dosev and former state Sen. Greg Evers with 36 percent of the vote.

Most of Dosev's signatures came from the Pensacola area, with 3,133 from Escambia County and 1,899 from Santa Rosa County.

The deadline for congressional candidates in Florida to turn in signatures is April 2.

Candidates who don't gather enough signatures will have to pay a $10,440 fee between April 30 and May 4 to get on the ballot for a party primary. Independent candidates can pay a $6,960 fee to get on the ballot for the general election.

"Once the word got out and people figured when the deadline was, it was like raining petitions on us. In a matter of 14 days, we collected 4,000 petitions," Dosev told the News Journal on Tuesday.

Dosev said he expects this year's election to be a two-person race and said his message will be about securing the economy, improving military readiness and protecting people's first and second amendment rights.

"The most significant contrast (between him and Gaetz) is experience in raising a family, in serving my country as a Marine and running a business, and that's a big deal," Dosev said. "That more directly represents the constituency of this district than the career politician that's basically been provided a silver spoon."


The Pensacola News Journal

March 27, 2018

Gaetz to face the revenge of Dosev? by Andy Marlette

Cartoon-haters, my apologies, but the resident idiot cartoonist is back at the drawing desk.

We fled Florida for a couple weeks to “tramp” around like flightless birds in the mountains, rainforests and shires of New Zealand’s South Island. The Kiwis were sweethearts. Their wine was potent. And their sheep were smarter than most of our politicians.

But as peaceful, pastoral and transcendent as New Zealand was, returning home reminds me how downright dull other parts of Earth are compared to the weird and wild world of our American animal farm.

Apparently the president had fired two- or three dozen people while we were gone. And a pornographic thespian who claims to have had unprotected “twitter” sessions with our commander in chief is now set to star on 60 Minutes.

Cover your kids’ ears. Donald and Stormy are about to make Bill and Monica look like Frankie and Annette.

Welcome to “family values conservatism” — new and improved for 2018! Remind me, which book of the Bible gives advice on sexual non-disclosure agreements?

Meanwhile back in Florida, we continue to learn that a small group of teenagers whose friends had just been shot in front of their eyes possess more brains, guts, courage and moral commonsense than all of the grownups in Tallahassee combined. But hey, so did those sheep in New Zealand.

Last week, another goofy group of grownups who proudly tout themselves as Florida’s Constitution Review Commission, voted to prohibit average Floridians from being able to vote on an assault weapons ban on this November’s ballot. Because guns don’t kill peoples’ right to vote. Politically appointed sell-outs do.

Even closer to home here in Pensacola, Mayor Ashton Hayward made his long-awaited announcement on running for reelection in 2018 — he ain’t!

A few sad fanboys, bloggers, government-worshiping talk radio hosts and ousted mayoral staffers who slurped from the taxpayer trough lamented the political fall of their once-mighty cheerleader… errr... champion.

Rumor was that City Councilman Larry Johnson ordered all urinals in the Azalea Cocktail Lounge lowered to half-flush. And it was reported that a small group of attorneys from the Beggs & Lane law firm gathered at Plaza de Luna to solemnly scatter shredded copies of the Fish House lawsuit billable hours, like ashes, o'er the sunset waters of Pensacola Bay.

But as for most folks, they just saw it coming. Some even celebrated. And the rest couldn’t have cared less. There’s more important things in life, after all. Like the Stormy Daniels interview!

Speaking of sordid Washington politics, I got a visitor from an aspiring local candidate who’s looking to take on U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz in the Republican Congressional primary this fall.

Cris Dosev dropped by the PNJ with an update on his mission for petitions to qualify for this year’s ballot. April 2 is Dosev’s deadline to submit signed petitions that will then have to be verified by the Supervisor of Elections Office. As of Wednesday, he had more than 3,300 verified and another 1,500 submitted. In the end, he needs about 5,300 verified petitions to get his name on the ballot — a goal he was confident “Team Dosev” would hit.

Could the big, bad, braggadocious Gaetz really be worried about Cris Dosev?

“He’s afraid, very afraid,” Dosev says. "You've got to remember, 64 percent did NOT vote for Matt Gaetz in the GOP primary. He is through and through the GOP establishment."

If you don’t remember Dosev from the 2016 GOP primary, he finished third with about 21 percent of the vote — not bad for coming into the race with virtually zero political name recognition. The late Sen. Greg Evers won about 22 percent of non-Gaetz voters. And another 21 percent was divided among four other candidates.
With Gaetz winning just about 36 percent of Republican voters in 2016, Dosev sees plenty of people who will vote for him this time around and correct what he describes as a mistake of sending Gaetz to Washington.

“I can make you this promise,” Dosev says, “I will never invite a Holocaust denier to the State of the Union.”

“You know what the most dangerous place in Washington is right now? Between Gaetz and a television camera!” Dosev quips, referring to Gaetz’s oft-recurring appearances on cable news. “I’m just out there talking to people and a lot of them feel like we’ve had it with this kid. We can do better.”
Taking on an incumbent is generally a tough task. Especially an incumbent like Gaetz who has gained national name-recognition and who enjoys the support of some of the most prominent money men and political backers in Pensacola.

But as a Marine with a roster of prominent local backers such as Col. Christopher “Caveman” Holzworth, Adm. Unruh and Gen. Pitman, Dosev believes his supporters are an indication that when it comes to authentic service and Republican values, he is everything that Gaetz claims to be.

Military loyalty, duty and service? Dosev has actually lived it. Family values? Ask his wife and eight kids. Economic experience? He’s a successful private sector business owner. Ambition and personal responsibility? He grew up a poor kid in Chicago. Faith? He’s a God-fearing Catholic who, unlike Gaetz, knows exactly what the “Immaculate Conception” is.
Look, I’m just the picture-drawing putz often accused of being a liberal, socialist, leftist, commie, pinko with a birth certificate from the USSR. Or something like that.

But I listen to enough daily Limbaugh to know that when it comes to so-called conservative values — actual, walk-the-walk conservative values — it’s tough to argue that a guy like Dosev doesn’t have the stuff that Northwest Florida Republicans claim to want in a leader.

And besides, he promises not to bring a Holocaust denier to the State of the Union. Bonus!

Dosev has a couple weeks left to qualify by petition, so stay tuned. If he does, then the 2018 GOP primary in Florida’s First Congressional District could be a heck of a fun fight worth watching.

Way more entertaining than staring at sheep.


Florida Politics

January 31, 2018

Compilation of Florida politicians’ reactions to the State of the Union by Peter Schorsch

Congressional candidate Cris Dosev:

President Trump threw down the gauntlet in tonight’s State of the Union address, challenging Washington’s establishment to put aside their differences for the good of the nation.

The President reinforced the key, basic truth that it’s our people who make us great; and that the future of our country depends on a government that works for We the People.

I proudly join President Trump in urging governmental leaders to come together to support our middle class, our military, our national infrastructure and our world leadership role.

Tonight, as the President spoke of real hope and progress, he reminded all of us that the American dream is alive and well, and the inalienable right of each and every citizen of this great country.

I applaud the President’s inspiring outreach to all Americans, regardless of political leaning or background. I join him in reiterating that America’s strength as a nation rests in our focus on faith, values and family; and in his call for unity going forward to build on those assets.

It’s time to set political grandstanding aside and put America’s first. It’s time, as the President noted, to get the job done.

It’s time to restore our nation’s focus to where it belongs: on We the People. I hope, for the sake of all of our families’ futures, that Washington’s political establishment agrees.

Will you Chip in?