About New

About New

IMG_0048_Cris_at_podium_2_5x5_RTP.jpgGreetings! My wife Lisa and I are pleased that you have taken the time to visit the Cris Dosev for Congress campaign website. In 2016, I made a commitment to enter the District One Congressional Republican primary race. Although it was an abbreviated campaign season, I am heartened that our efforts were fruitful. Our family, staff, volunteers, and I thoroughly enjoyed travelling the district and meeting the patriotic people of the Panhandle. We were warmly received everywhere we went. From Perdido Key to Century to Holmes County to Sandestin we did all we could, physically and financially, to convey to fellow citizens our commitment to conservative principles including limited government, free enterprise, individual liberty, private property rights, a strong and well-maintained military, and secure borders. If this is your vision for our nation's future, then I ask your family to join my family. Together, let’s support President Trump and work to "Make America Great Again!"

A number of people have approached me about the great challenges I will face in squaring off against an establishment incumbent. Yes, there are significant obstacles: money, name recognition, media influence, and local and national support from the establishment of D.C. While these obstacles might seem daunting to some, they do not intimidate my supporters or me. The photos of my Cris_Dosev_for_Congress_5girls.400.jpgfamily and me should serve to illustrate the source of my motivation and commitment. My children constantly remind me of the sacred responsibility I have as a concerned father, husband, citizen, business owner, and former Marine to defend our nation, culture, and families. It is a duty that I gladly embrace. If you share these same concerns for the future of your children and grandchildren, please join me. I welcome your enthusiastic support in this campaign and look forward to taking your values, goals, and vision to Washington D.C., where they have forgotten to whom they are beholden. 

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