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February 2, 2018

Florida congressional candidate Cris Dosev calls Intelligence Committee memo release a win for accountability

Florida Republican District 1 Congressional candidate Cris Dosev hailed today’s release of a controversial U.S. House Intelligence Committee memo as a win for government accountability.

“Any question of internal governmental misconduct is a serious issue demanding professional, thorough investigation,” Dosev remarked.  “The last thing this nation needs is a politicized Justice Department.  The stakes are too high. Releasing this information sends a message that the American people will not allow corruption to be swept under establishment Washington’s bureaucratic rug.”

Dosev noted that any hint of partisan corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement affects America’s interests overseas.

“This kind of thing potentially puts the nation at risk by making our government look divided and self- serving to foreign enemies,” he said.

“Our nation's national security is not a game.  It's not a pawn to be peddled for political gain.  Responsible public servants who prioritize the greater good above their own understand this.” 

Dosev thanked House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes for chasing down the facts despite pushback from Washington’s political establishment.

“In a time of uncertain international dangers, the last thing America needs are political grifters selling out FBI readiness and our nation's status as a beacon of global stability for political gain,” Dosev said.


February 1, 2018

Republican District One Congressional Candidate Cris Dosev: Gaetz “friends in low places” sink to new depths with Holocaust-denier State of the Union guest

At Tuesday’s State of the Union address, President Trump took the time to recognize a number of White House special guests who were invited because their heroism is an inspiration to the nation.

That's why I was stunned to learn that current District 1 Congressman Matt Gaetz chose to bring self-acknowledged white supremacist and off-and-on Holocaust denier Chuck Johnson to the same event.

What an atrocious travesty to let Mr. Johnson sit in the same audience as the African American parents of two teenaged girls who were murdered by MS-13 gang members tied to illegal immigration.

What kind of personal judgement does Mr. Gaetz’s choice of companion demonstrate?  What does it say about our Congressman’s respect for the rest of the President’s guests, not to mention his own constituents?

Attending the SOTU event is a privilege.  That a sitting Congressman couldn’t be bothered to find somebody more appropriate at the last minute speaks volumes about Mr. Gaetz’s attitude toward the responsibilities of the office he’s chosen to fill.

What kind of operation is he running on our dime?

Were there no student achievers available from Washington area schools?  Did Mr. Gaetz’s staffers think to call any local principals? Visitors from West Florida? What about a local servicemember?  A teacher?  A Capitol Hill squirrel?

Gaetz’s excuse?  He didn’t know anything about Johnson until after the fact, he says.

“I then found out he was quite famous for his activity online,” Gaetz laughed. “I didn’t know much about him,” our star Congressman told

Is that the decisionmaking process of a responsible public official?  Is that somebody we can trust with the future of our middle class, our military, our national infrastructure and our foreign policy?

Mr. Gaetz has managed once again to embarrass Florida District One while accomplishing little else except getting his name in the press.

The dubious nature of that attention doesn't seem to be bothering him.  Mr. Gaetz in fact appears to be taking the show business attitude that “there's no such thing as bad publicity.”

Unfortunately for West Florida, elected office is not show business.  Nor is it a college frat house.  Character matters.  And a man is known by the company he keeps.

Somebody who works for a living should tell Mr. Gaetz.  We Can Do Better.


Published in Florida Politics on January 31, 2018

Florida District One Republican House candidate Cris Dosev applauds President’s State of the Union address

Florida District One Republican House candidate Cris Dosev applauded President Trump’s 2018 State of the Union address, and released the following statement:

President Trump threw down the gauntlet in tonight’s State of the Union address, challenging Washington’s establishment to put aside their differences for the good of the nation.

The President reinforced the key, basic truth that it’s our people who make us great; and that the future of our country depends on a government that works for We the People.  

I proudly join President Trump in urging governmental leaders to come together to support our middle class, our military, our national infrastructure and our world leadership role. 

Tonight, as the President spoke of real hope and progress, he reminded all of us that the American dream is alive and well, and the inalienable right of each and every citizen of this great country.

I applaud the President’s inspiring outreach to all Americans, regardless of political leaning or background.  I join him in reiterating that America’s strength as a nation rests in our focus on faith, values and family; and in his call for unity going forward to build on those assets.

It’s time to set political grandstanding aside and put America's first.  It’s time, as the President noted, to get the job done.

It’s time to restore our nation’s focus to where it belongs:  on We the People.  I hope, for the sake of all of our families’ futures, that Washington’s political establishment agrees.


Published in Panhandle Politico on January 27, 2018

Gaetz beach bill flub hurts homeowners, beaches and military

While current District 1 congressman Matt Gaetz is busy maximizing his Washington DC TV camera time, Pensacola Beach homeowners are scrambling to put financial documents in order before tax season.

They might have less to worry about, if Mr. Gaetz had properly handled the process to convert beach lease properties to title.

Instead, Gaetz managed to alienate Senate support for the measure by peddling a Navarre Pass provision the military has, for years, made clear would interfere with operations in the Gulf.

Gaetz further eroded local support for the bill by sneakily omitting public access protection for Santa Rosa beaches, then insinuating that the bill would preserve those areas.

Unfortunately for beach homeowners, Florida's U.S. Senate representatives AND local residents know how to read, and managed to identify Mr. Gaetz's subterfuge despite little to no mention in the local press.

Now, beach homeowners continue to face confusing tax requirements and a wasteful lawsuit process for the foreseeable future.

On top of that, local residents still lack assurances that public access to our beloved, irreplaceable beaches will remain permanently open. Instead, we continue to face the possibility future title efforts will allow beaches to be roped off.

Resolving this longstanding issue was the most pressing local problem Mr. Gaetz was responsible for.

Instead, he flubbed it by grandstanding about pie in the sky add ons that run counter to our key area military mission; and by turning local residents against beach owner rights by threatening longstanding public access.

If Mr. Gaetz had spent a fraction of his Washington political TV appearance time asking local voters what we want for our beaches, the lease question might finally have been settled this year.

Instead, it remains in limbo; while a seemingly unconcerned Mr. Gaetz is busy adjusting his lighting and perfecting his Washington DC pandering skills.

West Florida deserves better. Our citizens deserve better, our beaches deserve better, and our military neighbors deserve better.


Published by The Pulse on January 12, 2018

Anti-trafficking law will cut bureaucracy and help fight domestic terror; Florida District One’s sole vote against it was an embarrassment

(Pensacola, FL) As the parent of eight, I want to thank President Trump, 418 members of the House and the entire Senate for recognizing the fundamental threat human trafficking poses to our nation.

By encouraging government bureaucracies and industry to coordinate resources within the Department of Transportation, the Combating Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act will help streamline efforts to end the scourge of human exploitation. 

And that will improve our ability to find and eradicate terrorists, who rely on our transportation network to move people, drugs and weapons on our own soil.

Partisan acrimony and special interests tend to go hand in hand with bureaucratic government inefficiency.

But for this critical measure, those groups came together in a bipartisan way to cut red tape in support of our national interest.

Except for one lone vote, embarrassingly, from Florida's First District U.S. House member. Representative Matt Gaetz voted no.  For philosophical reasons, he said.

The military has been developing strategies to work with outside “stovepipe” agencies for some time.  Cooperation between different bureaucratic systems was a lesson Desert Storm and Desert Shield taught on the ground, in real time.

There, in a foreign desert environment, Airmen and Marines, Soldiers & Sailors came together to complete the mission, defeat the enemy, preserve lives and materiel, and be prepared to fight another day.  My squadronmates courageously flew missions in the vanguard of our attack because they trusted our “purple” compatriots supporting us from other branches of the military, implicitly. 

We didn’t have time to discuss the fine points of inter-service government theory; we learned how to work with other branches as the situation on the ground demanded, and we got things done.  I am proud of each and every one of the military men and women I served with.  They knew what it takes to defend our country, risking both life and limb in the process, and they did it without grumbling over interservice academic minutiae.

If we can translate that ethos to civilian government and industry, we can accomplish anything.  We can vanquish any enemy.

The preservation of our great nation requires constant vigilance against those who would do us harm.  It has always demanded it of the military; but in the age of domestic terror, it also demands it from government and civilian organizations on the ground, in real time.

 I will always wonder, if our government had had better information flow in place, if we could have avoided 9/11.

The primary mission of the Federal government is to protect its citizens; with corollary goals of safeguarding property and our unalienable God-given rights.

Our elected representatives to that government have one job.  To create legislation that promotes the best interests of our nation.

On Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show, District One’s current Congressman recently stated:  "Take for example the Hezbollah story you just mentioned. It's not just cocaine that's being trafficked. You have got Hezbollah working in common cause with narco-traffickers in South America to move opium, to move heroin, to move people into the United States."

And yet, knowing that, our Congressman voted against a measure designed to cut bureaucratic snarl and help our odds of beating those very same threats.

On 9/11, terrorists attacked pillars of our American values. They brought down the Twin Towers, representing our economic vitality; the Pentagon, representing our military might; and targeted Congress, representing our democratic constitutional form of government.

They hate our position in the world as a beacon of hope and inspiration precisely because we have demonstrated that we can work together for a common good. 

But we need leaders with the conviction to place the national good above their own personal ambitions and ego.  A nation that hopes to promote integrity in the rest of the world demands leaders with integrity.

Thankfully, almost all of ours understand that. 


January 5, 2018

Florida Republican Congressional candidate Cris Dosev opposes Gulf drilling 

Cris Dosev, Republican candidate for Florida's District 1 U.S. House seat, is lauding Governor Rick Scott's opposition to drilling off Florida's coast.

"Florida's Gulf Coast is a national treasure akin to Yellowstone and Yosemite," Dosev remarked.

"There are no beaches like ours anywhere else, and we've learned the hard way about the potential damages posed by offshore drilling.

"I stand behind American energy independence 1000 percent, but let's focus on areas best suited for exploration,” he said.  “There are abundant sources of fuel in other areas of the country that won't be impacted by the risk factors drilling has introduced to Florida's communities and businesses."

Dosev predicts increased activity in the Gulf would undermine the military mission.

"Oil rigs near the coast will impact military operations across the board; from training to security to larger readiness issues," he noted.  "Now's not the time to create more logistical problems for America's fighting forces."

Dosev urges President Trump and Interior Secretary Zinke reconsider the proposed policy to expand offshore drilling in Florida and recognize that it is not in the best interest of the people of Florida or our nation.


December 27, 2017

Candidate Cris Dosev condemns Congressman Matt Gaetz' 'no' vote on anti-trafficking coordination

Conservative Republican District 1 congressional candidate Cris Dosev strongly condemned Representative Matt Gaetz’ December 19 vote against a measure to combat human trafficking through government-industry coordination.

"That Matt Gaetz could vote against a law to fight human trafficking and sex slave trade is beyond comprehension," Dosev remarked. “What was he thinking?”

The “Combatting Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act,” S 1536, passed the U.S. Senate unanimously. In the House, it passed 418-1, with only Matt Gaetz voting ‘no.’ Responding to a question about his ‘no’ vote on the bill, Matt Gaetz said on Twitter that he votes “against all bills that create new federal boards/commissions/agencies.”

But Cris Dosev counters that this particular bill creates an unpaid advisory committee within the existing Department of Transportation. “It brings law enforcement, antitrafficking groups and transportation people together to compare notes and pool information and resources. This is something military and business organizations do every day, to improve critical outcomes. It’s basic management 101. Who votes against that?”

Cris Dosev pointed out that Florida alone saw more than 550 cases of human trafficking this year, many of which moved through District One’s Interstate 10 corridor. "It’s the latest in a growing list of strange votes by Matt Gaetz, who appears to be more focused on television appearances than advancing legislation that benefits this District and this country,” Dosev observed.

Cris Dosev, the father of five daughters, said he finds it hard to understand how such a public advocate for rescue animals doesn’t seem to fundamentally understand his duty to protect humans first.

“Near unanimous bipartisan support on this should be a clear indication that the American people will not tolerate human trafficking,” Dosev said. “Congressman Matt Gaetz is tone deaf and sorely out of touch with this District and this nation, not to mention basic operational readiness process and procedure.” Dosev adds, “Adults should not quibble over serious matters.”



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